BERNECK® is involved in several aspects of the forest industry, from the planting and harvesting of trees to the manufacture of products that are essential to human needs. While the Company seeks new ways to use this extremely versatile and renewable resource, it is also committed to environmentally sustainable and socially responsible management.

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From Brazil to the World

BERNECK® is a Brazilian company with more 65 years of history. Specialized in MDP, MDF and HDF panels, in than addition to sawn Pine and Teak, it has industrial plants with very high production capacity and cutting edge technology. All of its products are originated from planted forests and are aimed at the furniture, civil construction, automotive, electronics and packaging industries, among others, in Brazil and abroad. Since its foundation in 1952, the Company has contributed to the social and economic development through the improvement of human capital and innovative and sustainable products.


To act in the wood sector (planting, growing, harvesting and industrialization), providing quality products and services, respecting the environment and to be recognized by customers, community, partners and employees as a reliable, ethical and innovative Company.


To be recognized as the best option for its shareholders, customers and employees in generating values for the excellence of its products and solutions, acting in a sustainable way in the global market.


  • To be attentive to the requests and needs of customers and consumers.
  • To seek excellence in the products it manufactures.
  • To promote social responsibility through actions and attitudes.
  • To promote the integration and development of teamwork.
  • To seek the continuous development of its business and the appreciation of its brand.
  • To respect the health and safety of employees, being transparent in relations and encouraging the personal development.
  • To lead by example.
Code of Conduct
Our History

Since 1952

Founded in 1952, BERNECK® has a history marked by challenges and dedication to customers, the community and the environment. These principles still guide the management of the Company, which has become reference of seriousness and reliability in its sector.

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Foundation of the Company

BERNECK & CIA was founded in January 1952, by Bernard von Muller Berneck, with a sawmill in the municipality of Bituruna and a wood processing plant in the municipality of União da Vitória, both in the state of Paraná.


By the end of 1952, the two plants that constituted BERNECK & CIA were fully burned in independent fires. Even devastated by the loss, Mr. Bernardo did not give up and restarted his business.

Restart of business

Believing in the wood sector, Mr. Bernardo invested in the production and sale of Pine lath veneers, used for plywood production.

New horizons

In 1956 there was another fire, the third in the history of the Company, which ended up destroying the plywood plant in the municipality of Bituruna, state of Paraná.

However, with the willpower of its employees and money borrowed from the settlers of the region, the plant was rebuilt within a record time of 50 days.

Adding value to products

In 1956, BERNECK & CIA started the production of Pine plywood.

New technologies

Mr. Bernardo and his family moved to the municipality of Curitiba, where they initiated a new plywood plant with modern manufacturing technology.

Steady growth

BERNECK & CIA opened the first Cedar rolling mill in the municipality of Toledo, state of Paraná. In the following years, the Company opened rolling mills in the cities of Cascavel, Assis Chateaubriand, Palotina, Catanduvas, Medianeira and Guaíra, totaling 7 lath veneer producing units (raw material for plywood production) with the centralization of plywood manufacturing in the municipality of Curitiba.

Corporate identity

The first BERNECK & ClA logo was created and instituted. The logo showed the essence of the Company: from log to lath veneer, press and plywood produced and sold to the world.

Environmental responsibility

In Brazil, in the 60´s, nobody was already thinking of environmental responsibility. However, BERNECK, thinking ahead, began to reforest Pine in the region of the municipality of Lapa, state of Paraná.

Beginning of exports

With the Plywood product already well established in the Brazilian market, BERNECK® started the experience of international sales through negotiations with customers in Puerto Rico. Once the path was discovered, the foreign market soon became part of the commercial policy of the Company.

Doors – A new product

In a new plant in the Industrial City of Curitiba, BERNECK® began to produce doors, adding one more product to its portfolio.

New plant and portfolio expansion

BERNECK® installed one more plant for the production of lath veneers and also a plant of sliced tropical wood veneers in the municipality of Várzea Grande, state of Mato Grosso. With the sliced tropical wood veneers, BERNECK® started the production of decorative plywood.

The novelty worked

The sales of decorative plywood were on the rise, therefore BERNECK & CIA invested in one more industrial plant for the production of veneers, this time in the municipality of Vilhena, state of Rondônia.

A new president

At the age of 26, Gilson Mueller Berneck took over the presidency of the group, remaining in the position until the present days.

One more product in the portfolio

Mr. Bernardo, with entrepreneurial spirit, invested in another industrial plant in the municipality of Brasnorte, state of Mato Grosso, to saw wood, thus offering one more product in the portfolio.

11 industrial plants

Investment in one more plant for the production of sliced veneers in the municipality of Belém, state of Pará, totaling 11 industrial plants in 5 Brazilian states.

New logo

Seeking the modernity of its visual identity, BERNECK® developed a new logo.

New investments

The Company kept the development pace always attentive to market trends. It started a new industrial plant in the municipality of Araucária, state of Paraná, with a new line of products: Particleboards.

Along with the panel press with capacity to produce 60,000m³/year, it also installed a Pine sawmill, with the concept of generating chips for the production of Particleboards.

New visual identity

A stylized tree on the green area of the globe, deprived of foliage to highlight the most useful part for the various uses of wood. The parallel lines of the logo represented the natural veins of the wood.

And the slogan “a marca da madeira” [“the brand of wood”] communicates, until these days, the philosophy of the Company.

Beginning of Teak plantations

In the late 80´s, BERNECK sought to ensure the continuity of the tropical wood management with the reforestation of Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla), noble wood of great value.

More than 1.5 million planted trees were totally wiped out by an attack of butterflies. In 1990, BERNECK began planting Teak (Tectona grandis) and it worked!

The society makes business feasible

By joining Grupo Bozano Simonsen, which brought new strengths to the Company with large forest areas, the corporate name was changed to BERNECK Aglomerados S.A.

Investing in Particleboard and adding value to the product

Expansion of the Particleboard production capacity to 300,000m³/year with the installation of line II and beginning of the production of Particleboard coated with Finish Foil (FF) to meet the demand of the Brazilian furniture industry.

Modernization and expansion

In June 2002, BERNECK concluded a great modernization and expansion project of the Particleboard Plant in the municipality of Araucária, with the installation of a new high technology continuous process line for the production of Particleboards, capable of producing 540,000m³/year.

Half a century of success

On January 2, 2002, BERNECK celebrated its Golden Jubilee with a modern and efficient industrial structure, result of the industrial competence, quality of products, good relationship with the market and respect for nature, its main source of raw material.

100% Grupo BERNECK® actions

In December 2003, BERNECK repurchased its participation from Grupo Bozano Simonsen.

Over the 12 years of partnership, Grupo Bozano left the memory of a very experienced and highly ethical partner, allowing the total development of BERNECK with full spirit of cooperation and harmony.

New administrative center

On July 12, 2004, BERNECK opened its new administrative center along the main industrial plant of the Company in the municipality of Araucária, state of Paraná.

Looking to the future

With the expansion of reprocessed wood panels and the increasing difficulty to work with tropical wood, BERNECK ended the production of Plywood, product that had been the beginning of the Company and the responsible for a large part of its growth until late 80´s.

However, always innovating and looking for expanding its activity market, BERNECK launched the line of Teak wood products.

The arrival of MDP

After several investments in high technology and cutting-edge equipment for panel manufacturing, BERNECK launched in the market the MDP (Medium Density Particleboard) Panel - a panel with features superior to those of Particleboard.

BP launch

Attentive to market requirements, BERNECK invested in a new coating line and included one more product in its portfolio: panels coated with BP (melamine).

New Logo

In August, BERNECK modernized its logo, with cleaner lines and keeping the slogan “a marca da madeira” [“the brand of wood”].

The most modern sawmill in Brazil

BERNECK opened a modern sawmill for Pine with machinery imported from Canada and Germany.

The investments made placed BERNECK in the Brazilian leadership of the sawn Pine lumber sector.

Beginning of MDF/HDF production

In its plant in the state of Paraná, BERNECK opened a MDF plant in October, for the production of thin panels from 2.5mm, known as HDF.

With this line of products, BERNECK completed its portfolio for the furniture industry and changed its corporate name to BERNECK S.A. Painéis e Serrados.

Industrial Plant of Curitibanos, SC

BERNECK celebrated its 60th anniversary with a party to open the new industrial complex in the municipality of Curitibanos, state of Santa Catarina. The site started the operations with a continuous MDF production line with capacity for 460,000m³/year and a line for BP coating.

Proceeding with the industrial project in Curitibanos

In November, the industrial project in the municipality of Curitibanos entered in its second phase with the beginning of the Thermal Power Station for energy cogeneration and a new sawmill. With modern and automated equipment, it was considered the most modern facilities in Latin America and one of the most modern in the world, with capacity to saw 350,000m³/year of Pine wood.

Complete industrial project

BERNECK completed the strategic planning of the industrial plant in the municipality of Curitibanos with the beginning of the new line of MDP and one more line of BP coating. With this investment, the Company started to be able to produce more than 2,400,000m³/year of wood products.



For BERNECK®, quality and responsible development are much more than the goals to be achieved. Those are practices incorporated to the day-to-day of the Company, guiding the implementation of all of its processes.


BERNECK® is FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) Certified (FSC-C115987) on properties located in the states of Paraná and Santa Catarina; Of these, about 78% are evaluated according to international standards, which recognize the highest levels of forest management, guaranteeing their customers and consumers wood products from forests that are managed in an environmentally responsible, socially beneficial and economically viable manner.


BERNECK® is qualified along the Sectorial Program of Quality for MDF and MDP Wooden Panels from PBQP-H (Programa Brasileiro da Qualidade e Produtividade do Habitat – Brazilian Quality and Productivity Habitat Program) which certifies that the Company produces in accordance with the Brazilian Technical Standards ABNT NBR 15.316-2:2015, ABNT NBR 14.810-2:2013 and ANBT NBR 15.761:2009.


BERNECK® is certified in the Carb 2 product manufacture for MDF and MDP panels, with the objective of meeting the product requirements of the American and Canadian markets. The panels are manufactured under a strict manufacturing control which guarantees the compliance with specifications of mechanical properties (ANSI Standard) and low emission of formaldehyde (ASTM Standard).

In addition to the recognition all over Brazil, we also have business relations with more than 60 countries on the five continents. Our products meet the strictest international standards and the demands of diversified cultures. To ensure compliance, superior performance and customer satisfaction, we follow strict quality standards:

  • ABNT NBR 15.316
  • ABNT NBR 14.810
  • AS/NZD 1859.1
  • EN 13.986
  • ABNT NBR 15.761
  • Carb 2 / ANSI A208.2
  • Carb 2 / ANSI A208.1
  • KS F 3104:2006