As well as investing in planted forests is essential to BERNECK®, human development is also part of its commitment to society. Learn more about the main actions of the Company in this area.

Internal actions


The Company invests in the technical and human development of its more than 2,500 direct employees in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina and Mato Grosso through training and special programs, such as: quality of life program, traineeship program, internal recruitment processes, scholarship for financing technical courses, undergraduate and graduate programs, BERNECK® library to encourage reading, among others.

direct employees

Social Responsability
External actions


BERNECK® cares about the communities in which it is inserted and contributes to their development and the improvement of the quality of life. It has a Social Project for crafts, contributing to the improvement of income in the families of the community. It maintains the project Atleta do Futuro [Athlete of the Future], with more than 100 children who practice structured sports activities providing their educational development. It also contributes to several institutions, associations, kindergartens, schools and shelters.

The Company collaborates for the maintenance of roads in the rural municipalities where it operates and invests in the construction of kindergartens, health centers and schools in the neediest communities. It also maintains regular environmental awareness education programs in schools.